Birthmark of Evil - Peggy Kjelgaard

>> Saturday, November 30, 2013

Birthmark of Evil delivers a message of strength and empowerment to people trapped in a high-paced, greed-oriented and power-driven lifestyle. In particular, the book targets women embarking on a journey toward personal fulfillment and happiness. Bobbie Britton's need for control stemmed from a deep fear of failure. Her father, a very successful business owner, started training her as a small child. Being an only child, he wanted her to be “just like him”. Bobbie was a senior executive in the corporate world at the age of 35. However, her drive and deep seeded need for control had its price. Externally, she had a vindictive foe lurking in the dark seeking revenge; internally, she had become her own enemy. Her life was dictated by others and she had learned over time to blur the lines between what she really wanted and what others wanted from her… until James.


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