Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World by Aletheia Luna

>> Sunday, November 30, 2014

Existing as the perpetual outsiders in society, Old Souls are the teachers, counsellors, philosophers and oracles of humanity. They are both in the world, but are not quite of the world at the same time, passing through life on their own solitary paths. In this book, writer and researcher Aletheia Luna provides a compact, elegant and well-researched look into the life of Old Souls.

Have you always felt older than what your age reflects? Are you solitary, thoughtful and intuitive? Do you feel like an outsider constantly looking into a society that doesn't feel like your home? If so, you may be an Old Soul. In this concise and elegantly written book, writer, researcher and Old Soul Aletheia Luna explores the uncharted waters of the old in soul, compiling a unique repository of information about this mysterious breed of people.

Chapters in the book include:

- "It's no big deal." A Profile Of The Old Soul Character.

- "You do your thing, and I'll do mine." The Old Soul's Relationship With Family.

- Just go with the flow." The Old Soul's Relationship With People And The World.

- Soul Ages, Reincarnation and Abraham Maslow.

- "Why do I feel older than old?" The Seven Levels Of Feeling Old.

- Are You A Sage Or A Mystic?

- "Just let me be." The Old Soul Child.

... and more.

About Aletheia Luna

Aletheia Luna was born in Perth, Western Australia, the world's most isolated city. In her spare time she enjoys reading, investigating and writing about an eclectic variety of topics, having authored hundreds of articles on a host of subjects ranging from psychology and sociology, to self-improvement and spirituality. She is an introvert, empath and an Old Soul at heart. You can read more of her work at: www.lonerwolf.com

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The Return by Ana Matics

Near Haven is like any other fishing village dotting the Maine coastline—a crusty remnant of an industry long gone, mired in sadness and longing.

Liza thought she’d gotten out, escaped on a basketball scholarship, but a series of bad decisions has her returning home after a decade. She struggles to accept her place in this small town, making amends to people she’s wronged and rebuilding her life.

Near Haven is like any other small, dying fishing village dotting the Maine coastline—a crusty remnant of an industry long gone, a place that is mired in sadness and longing for what was and can never be again. People move away, yet they always seem to come back. It’s a vicious cycle of small-town America.

Liza Hawke thought that she’d gotten out, escaped across the country on a basketball scholarship. A series of bad decisions, however, has her returning home after nearly a decade. She struggles to accept her place in the fabric of this small coastal town, making amends to the people she’s wronged and trying to rebuild her life in the process.

Her return marks the beginning of a shift within the town as the residents that she’s hurt so badly start to heal once more.

About Ana Matics

Ana Matics is twenty-six, a long-time writer, and sometimes bank employee. When not writing, Ana enjoys running with her dog and exploring the vast countryside that her current state of North Carolina offers.

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Loveless by Drew Lindsay

>> Friday, November 28, 2014

The swingers in this club may be rich and high class but one of them is a killer with rage and vengeance. Ben Hood is hired initially to protect rich and beautiful women in this club until he also becomes a target. The job becomes very personal when his life is also on the line.

Someone in this very exclusive swingers club is out for revenge. Club members are brutally killed. Ben Hood is hired initially to protect rich and beautiful women in this club but suddenly he becomes one of the prime targets for the killer. In order to identify the killer, Ben is forced to mix with club members and in the main, beautiful women. The killer is sly and careful and works in the dark with a knife. Ben travels to Bali, Vanuatu and Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef during his rather reluctant involvement in tracking down the killer of the Loveless.

About Drew Lindsay

Drew Lindsay is a dynamic Australian Novelist and Writer. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia and the world. His background includes working as a Policeman and detective, then managing his own private investigation business as well as working in Fraud Investigation Management positions within the insurance industry.

Drew is a PADI Divemaster and holds a private pilot's license. He has a great love of entertaining others with his vivid imagination. His novels allow the reader to escape into worlds of romance, excitement, humour and fast paced adventure. Drew lives in Sydney with his wife.

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All the Stars Look Down: A Duo of Christmas Romances by Elizabeth Hunter

>> Thursday, November 27, 2014

A duo of all-new Christmas stories from two top names in paranormal romance. SUNDAY'S CHILD by Grace Draven. Father Christmas meets Norse mythology in this brand new Christmas novella from the author of Master of Crows. In LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, readers return to the Elemental Mysteries in an all new novella by Elizabeth Hunter featuring Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo.

A duo of all-new Christmas stories from two top names in paranormal romance.

In SUNDAY'S CHILD, Grace Draven heats up a cold and lonely Christmas when museum archivist, Claire Summerlad, meets a mysterious new co-worker. Andor’s past may be a mystery, but is a future with Claire possible with a centuries-old punishment hanging over his head? Father Christmas meets Norse mythology in this brand new Christmas novella from the author of Master of Crows.

In LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, readers return to the Elemental Mysteries in an all new novella by Elizabeth Hunter. Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo travel to Rome when an new mystery interrupts their Christmas. Fina Rossi may have been the director of the Vecchio library, but she wasn’t expecting vampires for the holidays! Christmas takes an unexpected turn when she meets her employers’ old friend, Zeno Ferrara. He has the key to solving a mystery plaguing Beatrice’s client, but he's taken a far more personal interest in Fina.

About Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter is a contemporary fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance author. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College and a former English teacher. She once substitute taught a kindergarten class, but decided that middle school was far less frightening. Thankfully, people now pay her to write books and eighth-graders everywhere rejoice.

She currently lives in Central California with an eight-year-old ninja who claims to be her child. She enjoys music, writing, travel, and bowling (despite the fact that she's not very good at it). Someday, she plans to learn how to scuba dive. And maybe hang glide... but that looks like a lot of running.

She is the author of the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World series, the Cambio Springs series, and other works of fiction.


6 Newly Discovered and Never Before Published Secrets to Eternal Youth and Immortality by Eternal Youth Empire

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The title says it all and delivers exactly as promised. Those who wish a FREE jump start into the master class http://surfinguniverse.com/forums/topic/is-it-possible-to-be-ageless/

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Reviewed by the ONLY institute for anti-aging in America, The Buck Institute, who could not find any erroneous information with the k

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This is the superGenius edition of this Guide, brought to you by

health and wellness guru Veronica Grey

recipient of 2014 Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare Honor and Award

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WHAT IF YOU COULD REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS and recapture your youth and hold it as long as you like? That is what this Guidebook teaches. No one would want to live forever old and feeble. But what if you could live as long as you like, look exactly the way you intend, and feel as strong and healthy as possible, creating wealth that lasts as long as you live? Here is how, because AGING is a CHOICE.

Each time you buy into aging you are actually CHOOSING it.

Aging is bull. Did you know that our body produces BRAND NEW CELLS every 18 months? You literally have a brand new you every 18 months.

If you look or feel older that is because you PROGRAM yourself to.

You have heard we only use a certain amount of our actual brain. Here is how to access the parts relating to age-reversal.

All this information is written in a very simple "non-scientific" manner. A teenager can understand it!

"If you can live for the next 10 years, you can live forever!"After reading this Guide, you will be able to attain and maintain the age you intend to look and feel, as long as you like. Guaranteed. You will actually be able to reverse your aging process.

Why go with this Guide? There are only 3 institutes for anti-aging in the world and only one in America. As such, in 2008, we presented The Buck Institute of Anti-Aging in Marin County, CA, with our Guideposts because we wanted to share our findings with them for two reasons. First to be of service in case our ideas could be helpful to their case studies and second to see if our Guideposts were possibly incorrect because we would not want to widely circulate erroneous advice. Because we are not scientists working in conjunction with the Buck Institute, they cannot directly endorse us but the result was they also did not find anything wrong with our Guideposts. Had they found errors in our hypotheses they would have let us know. So we are happy to now be of service and share our irrefutable solutions for age-reversal with you.

Legal disclaimer: This book is 100% tax deductible, thereby making it a FREE gift from us to you! Simply reference our Federal EIN 61-1555550 to claim your exemption equal to the amount you "paid." When you make a "payment" it is actually a donation since we are a charity. Your donation is voluntary and without condition. Legally we can't "owe" you anything in exchange for making this donation. However, we GIFT this book to you as part of our mission to serve. THANKS!


Please make a note that Eternal Youth Empire has been replaced by "Israel-Light: High Intensity Discharge (for those who wish to sleep in peace)" a charity organization with the same tax exempt ID. The reason that E.Y.E. has been renamed is because the founders had a one time change of heart and believe that might be better to age gracefully and sleep peacefully rather than to go against mother nature, the natural law, and God (Israel), which is what trying to remain eternally youthful in any way is. The change of heart came about from a sort of "Frankenstein" experience, in discovering that THESE SECRETS DO WORK! The question is, what are the consequences? So buyer beware, these secrets WILL REVERSE YOUR AGE. Just like the "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Brad Pitt and directed by David Fincher. As such, tread carefully, the same way that we tread carefully with new concepts such as gene splicing, and nanotechnology, and stem cell research. Thank you for not throwing the baby out with the bathwater because the excellent content is still worth obtaining and knowing all this, we choose to still embody this lifestyle every day. Namaste.

About Eternal Youth Empire

"We here at Israel-Light: High Intensity Discharge for those who wish to Sleep in Peace are a collaboration of scientists / artists / farmers / environmentalists / philosophers / healers / entrepreneurs / visionaries / vegetarian animal lovers / attorneys / surfer mavericks who bring you the most revolutionary and enlightening methods to assist you pro actively on your path of eternal youth, immortality, and longevity. We are folks just like you who have more life experiences than degrees to which we attribute our learning. But sure, we have degrees and even awards too, if that sort of thing impresses you. What impresses us is a nice day surfing. Surfing and going home to your spouse? Even better."

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Little Berry Cooley by Jimmy Earl Cooley

This book deals with the life of Little Berry Cooley from the death of his first wife Milly Ann Arrington, in Mississippi through his second marriage to Lovenia Arrington, Milly’s niece, and their lives in Texas and Louisiana until his death in 1903. It also deals with maternal research of my Cooley family.

LB was a farmer, born in Wayne County Mississippi, a slave owner who fought in the Civil War, moved his family to Texas for a few years with his brothers; Ira and Middleton and eventually ended up around Long Acre in Beauregard Parish Louisiana which was a part of Old Imperial Calcasieu Parish in 1880. Little Berry was the grandson of John Cooley. John fought in the Revolutionary War and LB in the War Between the States. John for South Carolina and LB for Mississippi. LB was born in 1821, married Milly Arrington and later her niece Lovenia Arrington. LB's brother Ira and another brother Middleton both married Arrington women. This story contains real dates and history but narrative added to explain the details of everyday life and events surrounding the Cooley families. Their land and homes in Mississippi were left in bad shape after the CW and land opened up in Texas so the three brothers with their families and many Arrington kin followed the popular saying "Gone to Texas". All were in Texas by the 1870 US census but in Louisiana by 1880 census. Reports say that in this new land, they were always considered "newcomers”, robbed and mistreated. So the adventure from MS to LA was quite a journey for the group, with LB's mysterious friend, Rachele Abigaile, traveling right along; both helping and interfering much of the time. They finally settled in SW LA and most all of the present day Cooley's come from these three brother's families. I am a "Double Cooley" as both my father and mother come from children of William Cooley, Little Berry's father.

About Jimmy Earl Cooley

Jimmy Earl Cooley, born February 21, 1936 in Ludington, Louisiana, graduated from DeRidder High School, graduated from ULL Lafayette, Worked for NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, Maryland, retired 1992, now living in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana with wife Carollyn and dog Chance.

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Wicked War of Mine by John Corwin

Daelissa is in Seraphina gathering her army. Justin and his allies might be able to end the war if they can shut down the Grand Nexus before she returns.


Daelissa's attack on Queens Gate dealt Justin and the resistance a serious blow. The loss of his home and one of their strongest allies seems to mean certain defeat.

Justin isn't about to give up. He embarks on a mission to bring the houses of Daemos to his side and seeks help from Fjoeruss, Mr. Gray himself, even if the odds of success are slim.

As if the pressure isn't already high enough, Justin discovers something even more troubling. Daelissa is already in Seraphina. One silver lining remains: Justin might be able to end the war in one blow if his forces can disable the Grand Nexus before she returns with a Seraphim army.

If the good guys can't shut down the Grand Nexus in time, Daelissa will unleash a can of whoop-ass on Eden the likes of which has never been seen.

About John Corwin

John Corwin has been making stuff up all his life. As a child he would tell his sisters he was an alien clone of himself and would eat tree bark to prove it. For John, making stuff up was about one thing: teasing his sisters.

In middle school, everything changed. A class assignment to string random words together into a coherent story led to the birth of Fargo McGronsky, a young boy with anger management issues whose dog, Noodles, had been hit by a car. The short story was met with loud acclaim from classmates and a great gnashing of teeth by his English teacher. At this point, our esteemed author realized that making stuff up had broader uses.

Years later, after college and successful stints as a plastic food wrap repairman and a toe model for several well-known men's magazines, John once again decided to put his overactive imagination to paper for the world to share.

In 2009 John started work on No Darker Fate after having a bizarre dream. During the course of the day he morphed the dream into the outline for a complete novel.

No Darker Fate is his first published work.

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To Love Free by Chris Paynter

World-renowned artist Madison Lorraine leads a quiet life in Islamorada, Florida, with her nine-year-old daughter, Mo. Madison hasn't painted in over three years since her wife and muse, Callie, lost her battle with cancer.

Supermodel Gabrielle Valenci's arrival at her family home in Islamorada unsettles Madison's comfortable routine.

World-renowned artist Madison Lorraine leads a quiet life in Islamorada, Florida, with her nine-year-old daughter, Mo. Madison hasn't painted in over three years since her wife and muse, Callie, lost her battle with cancer.

Supermodel Gabrielle Valenci's arrival at her family home in Islamorada unsettles Madison's comfortable routine. Gabrielle has left a floundering relationship behind in New York and travels to Florida to undergo the last of her chemotherapy. Her prognosis is excellent, but her journey since the initial cancer diagnosis has been rocky.

The appearance of a dolphin in their cove coincides with Gabrielle's arrival next door. With each unannounced visit, he inspires Gabrielle and Madison as he gently nudges them together. Soon, Madison is accompanying Gabrielle to her treatments. Although the bond between them strengthens and their mutual attraction grows, both are hesitant to take the next step. Can they learn To Love Free again?

Sometimes, the fragile human heart is reluctant to heal. But Madison and Gabrielle never counted on the persistence of one determined, magical dolphin they call "Free."

About Chris Paynter

Chris Paynter is the author of six novels, including the Playing for First baseball series. Her "Survived by Her Longtime Companion" was a 2013 Lambda Literary Award Finalist and winner of the 2013 Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. Her short stories have appeared in two anthologies: Regal Crest's "Women in Uniform: Medics and Soldiers and Cops, Oh My!" (2010) and Cleis Press's "Love Burns Bright: A Lifetime of Lesbian Romance" (2013). Her next romance, "To Love Free," is scheduled for a September 2014 release. After earning a Bachelor's degree in journalism, Chris worked as a general assignment reporter and sportswriter until accepting her current position as the editorial specialist to a law journal. A sports junkie, you can find her screaming at the TV during a Colts game or living vicariously through her Cincinnati Reds. She resides in Indianapolis with her wife, Phyllis, and their beagle, Buddy the Wonder Dog, also fondly known as "He who must be obeyed." When not writing or editing books, Chris loves to get lost in a good romance.

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