6 Newly Discovered and Never Before Published Secrets to Eternal Youth and Immortality by Eternal Youth Empire

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The title says it all and delivers exactly as promised. Those who wish a FREE jump start into the master class http://surfinguniverse.com/forums/topic/is-it-possible-to-be-ageless/

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Reviewed by the ONLY institute for anti-aging in America, The Buck Institute, who could not find any erroneous information with the k

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This is the superGenius edition of this Guide, brought to you by

health and wellness guru Veronica Grey

recipient of 2014 Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare Honor and Award

for Life Extension & Age Reversal from International Association of Health Care Professionals.

WHAT IF YOU COULD REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS and recapture your youth and hold it as long as you like? That is what this Guidebook teaches. No one would want to live forever old and feeble. But what if you could live as long as you like, look exactly the way you intend, and feel as strong and healthy as possible, creating wealth that lasts as long as you live? Here is how, because AGING is a CHOICE.

Each time you buy into aging you are actually CHOOSING it.

Aging is bull. Did you know that our body produces BRAND NEW CELLS every 18 months? You literally have a brand new you every 18 months.

If you look or feel older that is because you PROGRAM yourself to.

You have heard we only use a certain amount of our actual brain. Here is how to access the parts relating to age-reversal.

All this information is written in a very simple "non-scientific" manner. A teenager can understand it!

"If you can live for the next 10 years, you can live forever!"After reading this Guide, you will be able to attain and maintain the age you intend to look and feel, as long as you like. Guaranteed. You will actually be able to reverse your aging process.

Why go with this Guide? There are only 3 institutes for anti-aging in the world and only one in America. As such, in 2008, we presented The Buck Institute of Anti-Aging in Marin County, CA, with our Guideposts because we wanted to share our findings with them for two reasons. First to be of service in case our ideas could be helpful to their case studies and second to see if our Guideposts were possibly incorrect because we would not want to widely circulate erroneous advice. Because we are not scientists working in conjunction with the Buck Institute, they cannot directly endorse us but the result was they also did not find anything wrong with our Guideposts. Had they found errors in our hypotheses they would have let us know. So we are happy to now be of service and share our irrefutable solutions for age-reversal with you.

Legal disclaimer: This book is 100% tax deductible, thereby making it a FREE gift from us to you! Simply reference our Federal EIN 61-1555550 to claim your exemption equal to the amount you "paid." When you make a "payment" it is actually a donation since we are a charity. Your donation is voluntary and without condition. Legally we can't "owe" you anything in exchange for making this donation. However, we GIFT this book to you as part of our mission to serve. THANKS!


Please make a note that Eternal Youth Empire has been replaced by "Israel-Light: High Intensity Discharge (for those who wish to sleep in peace)" a charity organization with the same tax exempt ID. The reason that E.Y.E. has been renamed is because the founders had a one time change of heart and believe that might be better to age gracefully and sleep peacefully rather than to go against mother nature, the natural law, and God (Israel), which is what trying to remain eternally youthful in any way is. The change of heart came about from a sort of "Frankenstein" experience, in discovering that THESE SECRETS DO WORK! The question is, what are the consequences? So buyer beware, these secrets WILL REVERSE YOUR AGE. Just like the "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Brad Pitt and directed by David Fincher. As such, tread carefully, the same way that we tread carefully with new concepts such as gene splicing, and nanotechnology, and stem cell research. Thank you for not throwing the baby out with the bathwater because the excellent content is still worth obtaining and knowing all this, we choose to still embody this lifestyle every day. Namaste.

About Eternal Youth Empire

"We here at Israel-Light: High Intensity Discharge for those who wish to Sleep in Peace are a collaboration of scientists / artists / farmers / environmentalists / philosophers / healers / entrepreneurs / visionaries / vegetarian animal lovers / attorneys / surfer mavericks who bring you the most revolutionary and enlightening methods to assist you pro actively on your path of eternal youth, immortality, and longevity. We are folks just like you who have more life experiences than degrees to which we attribute our learning. But sure, we have degrees and even awards too, if that sort of thing impresses you. What impresses us is a nice day surfing. Surfing and going home to your spouse? Even better."

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