Guide Flies: Simple, Durable Flies that Catch Fish. by Tim Rolston

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What flies do the professionals go to when the chips are down? In Guide flies, Tim Rolston, international competitive angler, national fly fishing team coach, guide and author provides all the information you need to manufacture your own highly effective fly patterns. Illustrated with superb graphics, external video content and a splash of humour.

For a fly fishing guide it isn't enought that the patterns they use are effective, that is a financial necessity. If they are not and clients fail to connect with fish, the erswhile guide is likely to be looking for alternative gainful employment some time soon.

In "Guide Flies", international competative angler, fly fishing coach and fishing guide give up the secrets to success. Not only in terms of the fly patterns he uses, but equally and perhaps more importantly the methods of their manufacture. The book is littered with gems of imformation on tying and fishing these flies, how to modify them to suit your own needs and how to insure that they are not simply effective but equally durable.

Guide flies also considers in detail the thought process behind the design of various key patterns and anecdotal evidence from real "on the water" successes and failures that have led to the development of the patterns illustrated.

Guides tie flies for their clients and the clients come in all shapes, sizes and skill levels, which means that the flies detailed in this book are suitable for all anglers, experts and beginners alike. Not demanding of complex tying procedures, fancy tools or tricky to obtain materials. "Guide Flies" will alow any trout angler of rivers or stillwaters, to manufacture a selection of patterns which cover most of the bases and equally to understand why they should work and when.

All beautifuly illustrated in full colour graphics and with links to external video content of the flies and techiques discussed.

About Tim Rolston

I am an outdoorsman, not a computer boffin, or at least that was the picture when I started this a few years back. Since then I have become caught up with the advantages of electronic media. Steep learning curves continue, frustrations abound but out of that crucible have I think come some really worthwhile publications. How to Make your own fly fishing lanyard was the first and remains the most popular of all the titles. Plus it's free. Then "Who Packed your Parachute" an investigation into better ways to tie parachute flies followed.Still an experiment and free to anyone. Recently my book "Learn to Fly-cast in a Weekend" previously published in hard cover was converted to electronic format making it available to a far wider audience. It has received great reviews and then came the comprehensive and highly innovative "Essential Fly Tying Skills" book, which was previously only available on CD due to the file sizes has been made available for instant download. Now the genre has expanded further with "Guide Flies", with the same format of graphics, text and video clip links. I am still passionate about the outdoors, fly fishing and writing. I hope that you will enjoy the books and find them useful. I further hope that as I learn more there will be more titles with ever better content. Regards Tim

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