Stranded by Vincent Berg

>> Monday, March 17, 2014

"Never Leave Anyone Behind" is a familiar refrain for Servicemen. A crew is incapacitated in a strange land and a hostile government tries to capture them and steal their resources. What if you're not in the military? Do you put your family's lives at risk, especially if they might not live.

Josh discovers a shipwrecked alien and tries to protect it and it's crew from not only military but others.

“Never Leave Anyone Behind” is a familiar refrain for American Servicemen. A crew is incapacitated in a strange land and a hostile government tries to capture them and steal their resources; a typical tale of corruption and betrayal. What if you’re not a member of the military? Do you put you and your family’s lives at risk to help those who can’t help themselves, especially for those who may never reward you or who may not even survive?

Josh discovers an injured shipwrecked alien and undertakes to not only care for it, but to seek out, rescue and protect its companions from not only his government, but others too.

He must race against time, attempting to remain under the radar, unnoticed by the police, the military and the NSA. He must protect not only these unknown aliens he can't even speak with, but his family, friends and associates he's putting at risk. Not only is the US military after him, but so is every other military as they race to recover their technologies.

About Vincent Berg

Having spent a career working as a computer specialist in the financial industry in Chicago and New York City, I traveled a lot and met a lot of varied characters. I bring that experience, and a history to looking at problems in unexpected ways to weave interesting stories together.

I struggled with writing for a long time, but could never finish anything, until I realized that while I could suspend my disbelief long enough to read a novel, I couldn't do it long enough to write one. Thus I decided to ignore the standard 'rules' of writing a story.

Every time I write a story, beside a basic plot and a theme, I create a particular writing challenge (like creating a cast of hundreds, or killing of most of my characters). It may not always work, but it keeps me interested, it makes me work that much harder, and it provides some unique tales.

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