Breaking the Rules of Grief, A Bereaved Mother's Journey by Shannon Harris

>> Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Breaking the Rules of Grief, A Bereaved Mother's Journey" offers alternative ideas for grieving the loss of a child by challenging social norms and traditional expressions of grief. A raw, honest and unfiltered look at a young mother's un-approach to grief.

In "Breaking the Rules of Grief, A Bereaved Mother's Journey" Shannon Harris takes you along on her complicated story of a young mother who loses her son to cancer. Through an honest and unfiltered examination of society's stereotypes on bereavement this book offers alternative ideas for fellow bereaved parents to cope with their loss. Detailing the unspoken rules of grief as they pertain to the loss of a child, Harris tackles topics including spirituality, friendships, relationships, work, parenting and healing. "Breaking the Rules of Grief, A Bereaved Mother's Journey" empowers parents to take ownership of their pain and in doing so shines a light on the path to peace.

About Shannon Harris

I am a 35 year old mother of three, fortunate enough to pursue my passion in writing. After losing my five year old son, Anthony, to Leukemia, my life became focused on a more true and heartfelt approach to life. I enjoy helping people use their pain as a means to something greater with my life coaching practice.

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