Moab, Utah – A Photographer's Shooting Guide I by Jerry Patterson

>> Saturday, June 7, 2014

This ebook is strictly about great places to photograph in the Moab, Utah from iconic mesas, arches, goose-necks, sunrise and sunsets both for day time and night sky / Milky Way photography. The reader is taken from Professor Valley east of Moab to Arches National Park, Canyonlands, House on Fire and Monument Valley. Google satellite map markers are used with each photo to help find each location.

This ebook is strictly about great places to see and photograph in the Moab, Utah (USA) area. It's about getting out and shooting all the iconic mesas, arches, goose-necks, sunrise and sunsets in one immense but small part of southwestern USA. It provides one with many of the best scenic sites to see and photograph while at the same time assisting one in getting to know his or her way around the area. It also includes photos taken off the beaten path to add a level of adventure in discovering the area. What makes this ebook unique in part is that I have included numerous photos of the Milky Way taken over many iconic sites such as Balanced Rock, Double Arch, The Windows, Mesa Arch and even The Mittens in Monument Valley. For each site on the site list, I indicate if a given site is best photographed at sunrise, morning, afternoon or sunset and what places are recommended to capture the Milky Way during night sky photography work.

The scope/ range of this ebook covers the following areas:

1. Professor and Castle Valley east of Moab and the Colorado River along US 128 in that area

2. Arches National Park and Cache Valley

3. Potash Road (lower Colorado River)

4. Canyonlands

5. Natural Bridges National Monument Park

6. Monument Valley

I have included directions to each site but to further assist the reader in finding the precise site where each photo was taken, each photo is hyper-linked to a Google satellite map marker. When the reader clicks on a photo, one's internet browser will open to a Google satellite map marker where one may zoom in and out in both map and satellite mods to fully understand the road system and trail for that site.

For those wishing to have a nice star-burst of the sun's rays when photographing any one of the arches or balanced rock, I provide a tried and true technique which will add a wow effect to your shot and this is done without the use of a special filter over the lens or faked in post processing.

To visit and photograph all the sites in this ebook, both day and night sky sites, be prepared to stay at least six to eight great days in Moab.

Should you ever visit the Tetons Mountains of Jackson Hole, WY, you may want to pick up a copy of my first ebook "Jackson Hole, WY - A Photographer's Shooting Guide" also available on This ebook is modeled after it, especially with reference to the use of Google satellite map markers to pinpoint each site for you.

Enjoy and thanks for your interest in my ebook.

Jerry Patterson

About Jerry Patterson

I'm a semi-pro photographer in the strict sense. That is to say, I do not make a living solely by photography...I do, like many who call themselves a "pro' , have a full time job outside of photography.

I'm the author of three ebooks "Moab, Utah - A Photographer's Shooting Guide I" and "Jackson Hole, WY - A Photographer's Shooting Guide" which is the first of two ebooks of the same title. In these photography shooting guides, I make extensive use of Google satellite map marker where for each site in the ebook I have an associated photo. The reader simply clicks on any photo and the web browser immediately opens the webpage for the Google satellite map marker whereby the reader may easily see the exact site I stood for the photo but more importantly see the road system to the exact site.

I am a photo tour guide and yearly lead several three day sunrise to sunset photo shoot adventures / tours in Jackson Hole, WY, home of the majestic Teton Mountains where I also lead night sky / Milky Way workshops with light painting. In 2015, I will expand my multi-night night sky / Milky Way workshops in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah (USA).

I'm also a night sky / Milky Way (MW) photographer and conduct night sky / MW workshops during my 3 day Jackson Hole photo shoot adventures. And now, I will be expanding my night sky / MW workshops to Arches National Park, Canyonlands in Moab, Utah (USA) and Monument Valley in Arizona (USA).

Additionally, I'm also involved in daytime and night sky / MW time lapse work.

In July 2013 I participated in the millennial celebration of the historic Moulton Barns in Jackson Hole, WY (USA) by donating two 24x36 inch canvas prints for auction for the preservation of these two barns.

Locally, in my current home town, I provide presentations of my Jackson Hole photos from time to time to the photography club and also instructions on the use of GND filters and Photoshop post processing.

My photos are currently represented by Getty Images and may be seen on several websites. The images found on Getty were first discovered on my Flickr page.

Landscape Photography Magazine selected one of my photos of a sunrise on the Grand Teton among many photos submitted by numerous fine art photographers as the photo of the week ...

My 2014 Jackson Hole, WY three day sunrise to sunset photo shoot adventures / tours

1) June 13-15

2) June 20-22

3) July 4-6

I will be leading night sky / Milky Way workshops starting May 15-18 and during all the above photo shoot adventures / tour dates.

If you're in JH during one of those time frames and would like to join my photo shoot, please contact me via email at ...

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