The Smurfs Anthology #1 (Smurfs Graphic Novels) - Matt. Murray

>> Friday, November 22, 2013

The Smurfs Anthology #1 (Smurfs Graphic Novels) - Matt. Murray rating

When the Belgian cartoonist Peyo created a village of cute little woodland creatures for his heroes Johan and Peewit to discover, he couldn’t have known that they would wildly outgrow those humble origins to become a worldwide phenomenon all on their own. More than 50 years later, The Smurfs continue to delight us all with their silliness, bravery, heroism, and heart, and now we finally have a definitive collection of Peyo’s original comics to see where it all began.

Newly remastered and presented in original publication order, along with a Smurfy collection of historical notes and photographs, the stories in this volume introduce us to Papa Smurf, Gargamel, Smurfette, and the rest of the village in some of the most highly regarded comics the medium has ever known.

About the Author

Matt. Murray earned his BFA in film, television and radio production from NYU. A former president and the first executive director of NY's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, he curated their popular "Saturday Morning" exhibit and crafted events and programming such as the year-long retrospective "1986: The Year That Changed Comics." He contributed to and was interviewed for the "I Smurf the Smurfs" documentary on The Smurfs Season 1, Volume 2 DVD and has served as the "Smurf Consultant" on Papercutz' series of Smurfs graphic novels. In addition to his Smurfology work, Murray is an actor, pop culture blogger and a collector of original comic, cartoon and animation artwork. He lives in Bethlehem, PA with his cat that is not named Azrael.

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