Ebola 2014 by Leah Roberts

>> Sunday, November 9, 2014

The 2013-2014 Ebola outbreak has created a need for a complete resource that can be understood by both medical personnel and those outside of the medical field. This is a comprehensive and current summary of information available about Ebola at this time.

The Ebola outbreak that began in December 2013 has garnered the concern of the global community. There have been many questions about this disease as the numbers of cases and death tolls continue to rise. Many rumors have surfaced and there are those profiting on the sale of protective equipment by amplifying those aspects about the disease and its sequences of events that cause fear. There has long been a need for a short but thorough reference for Ebola and this was the motive behind this publication. Information contained in this reference is cited to additional resources that provide more in-depth knowledge for those interested. The topics covered are current, comprehensive, fact-based and do not attempt to convey blame or sell products. Knowing about this virus, the disease it causes, and the improvisation used in Africa should provide a strong basis for managing and containing the outbreak in Africa as well as other countries where travel introduces the disease. Knowledge is power and this short resource provides that to its readers with a complete list of all of the references and their links where appropriate.

About Leah Roberts

Leah E. Roberts graduated with a Master's degree in Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness (3.95 GPA) from Saint Louis University. Her undergraduate concentration is Public Health and she earned a Graduate Certificate in Infection Control from the University of South Florida. After graduation, Leah volunteered as a teaching assistant at SLU teaching classes including Medical Intelligence and Case Studies of Epidemics and Disasters. She has self published articles about chemical warfare and created a presentation for The International Healing House about chemical and biological warfare. Her interest and research of Ebola and filoviruses is ongoing and spans more than 10 years. She currently works for Jacobs ASG where her work involves writing geopolitical threat assessments and research studies of disasters among other works.

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