Standing In The Shadows “The Light” by Ray R. Ellis

>> Thursday, December 11, 2014

The long-awaited and much-requested autobiography of Canadian psychic medium Ray R. Ellis. A fascinating story of a man with extraordinary gifts, including previously unpublished stories involving major celebrities

This book is the life story of world-renowned psychic medium Ray R. Ellis. A life which has been a spiritual journey lived to the full. It has confirmed, through much evidence, that life continues beyond the physical death we know. Using my many gifts, has enable me to help many other beautiful souls, both living and passed, on their journey to a greater level of understanding that we as God's children are all one. Direct communication with the holy spirit has shown me many times life and its essences within a blink of eternity.

This fascinating account of a life lived in close communication with Spirit is a must-read. The author has had much communication with celebrities over the years – find out what really happened to Elvis Presley and Brian Jones among others

About Ray R. Ellis

Ray R. Ellis is a world-renowned Canadian psychic medium


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