Mac vs. PC by Fletcher DeLancey

>> Sunday, May 18, 2014

Computer tech Anna Petrowski is used to people assuming her advice is free, even on weekends. Elizabeth Markel catches her eye precisely because she needs that advice, but doesn't ask. It’s the beginning of something special...except Elizabeth is not what Anna thinks.

People and computers have one thing in common: they’re both capable of self-sabotage. But computers are easier to fix.

As a computer technician at the university, Anna Petrowski knows she has one thing in common with doctors and lawyers, and it’s not the salary. It’s that everyone thinks her advice comes free, even on weekends. That’s why she keeps a strict observance of her Saturday routine: a scone, a caramel mocha, and nobody bothering her. So when she meets a new campus hire at the Bean Grinder who needs computer help yet doesn’t ask for it, she’s intrigued enough to offer. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship and possibly something more.

But Elizabeth Markel is a little higher up the university food chain than she’s let on, and the truth brings out buried prejudices that Anna didn’t know she had.

People and computers have one thing in common: they’re both capable of self-sabotage. The difference is that computers are easier to fix.

About Fletcher DeLancey

Fletcher DeLancey is an Oregon expatriate who moved to Portugal to be with the love of her life. Now happily married for five years, Fletcher lives in the beautiful, sunny Algarve, where she devotes her spare time to learning the local birds and plants, and trying every regional Portuguese dish she can get her hands on. (There are many. It’s going to take a while.)

The rest of the time, she teaches Pilates, gardens, bakes extremely good brownies, rides her road bike on narrow country lanes...and writes.

She is best known for her five-book 'Star Trek: Voyager' epic, 'The Past Imperfect Series', and for her science fiction novel 'Without A Front'. Currently, she is working on a prequel to 'Without A Front' and as an editor for Ylva Publishing.

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