The Protector by Bridget Essex

>> Monday, May 19, 2014

What would you do if the woman you loved was the one person you could never be with? Elizabeth Grayson doesn't want a bodyguard--but with her life in danger, her father hires the mysterious Layne O'Connell to keep his daughter safe. Sarcastic, charming and secretive, Layne must keep Elizabeth alive. But protecting her heart wasn't in the job description.

What would you do if the woman you loved was the one person you could never be with?

Elizabeth Grayson doesn't want a bodyguard. She's worked hard for her normal life and her job as a violinist in the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and the last thing she needs is a reminder of how much power her father still has over her. He's a good enough man, but as the founder of a booming seafood empire--with a sizable fortune to his name--he's a prime target for his less than ethical competitors. And that means Elizabeth is a target, too.

She doesn't quite believe her life is in danger until the day of the "accident." But when her father hires a bodyguard for Elizabeth, she still utterly refuses...that is, until she meets the mysterious Layne O'Connell. Sarcastic, charming and secretive, Layne is hired to keep Elizabeth safe. But protecting her heart wasn't in the job description.

As Elizabeth's life is threatened again and again, a strange mystery unfolds, and it seems that even her father is keeping secrets from her. And when Layne reveals her true nature, Elizabeth's world is thrown upside down.

Because Elizabeth has fallen for the one person she can't be with: the brooding werewolf who was charged with keeping her alive.

Part heart-pounding mystery, part epic romance, the novel The Protector, the first book in the Lone Wolf series, will leave you spellbound. It is approximately 62,000 words (several days worth of reading or so).

About Bridget Essex

Bridget Essex has been writing about her beloved vampires for almost two decades. She has a vast collection of crochet hooks and teacups, and likes to listen to classical music when she writes. Her first date with her girlfriend was strolling in a garden, so it’s safe to say she’s a bit old fashioned.

Bridget has a black cat she loves very much, and a brown dog who actually convinces her to go outside. Her little house is often much messier than she’d prefer, but she has the perfect excuse: she’s a writer. This excuse doesn’t work nearly as well on her girlfriend as she’d like.

About the Sullivan Vampires, Bridget has this to say: “I was very frustrated by the lack of serious romance concerning lesbian vampires. Most lesbian vampire stories are erotica, and erotica is wonderful, but I wanted to write something that was romance focused. I wanted to write a sweeping epic love story between two women involving all of the great stuff you can play with when you’re writing vampires. Their immortality. The fact that to be with them is incredibly dangerous if you’re human. I wanted to write a love story you could fall in love with. And I hope with all of my might that I’ve done this with my Sullivan Vampires! I’ve loved writing them so very much—I hope that you enjoy reading them!”

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