Recruit Doctors into your Network Marketing Business by Kris Spears

>> Sunday, October 5, 2014

This is not that same “stuff” you get from every marketer. This system will show you how to attain a high-percentage of doctors and medical professionals as business partners that is easy to follow and implement while creating a massive, very lucrative downline. Take your game to the next level with our step-by-step instructions, scripts, tools, marketing assets, and more.

This is not that same “stuff” you get from every marketer. How to Recruit and Sponsor Doctors and Medical Professionals in your MLM/Network Marketing FGXpress Business includes step-by-step instructions, scripts, tools, marketing assets, and more.

This book explains a system anyone can follow on Recruit Doctors into Your Network Marketing Business. It contains marketing tools and assets worth millions of dollars to your business.

All network marketers in every MLM company have tried recruiting doctors and medical professionals onto their teams since they can be very profitable. Every marketer attempting to do this has failed. Why? This “system” wasn’t in place.

There are 850,000 Practicing Practitioners in the US Market alone.

Our book is going to teach you a system for recruiting doctors and medical professionals that is easy to follow and implement while creating a massive, very lucrative downline.

Not even your upline are privy to this information. It has not been shared at any meeting, conference call, or training. This information has been shared and practiced only in the Progressive Sciences, LLC group . . . until now. If you have not yet decided on the team with which you wish to partner, our teammates, regardless of rank, get this training “free.” If you want to be a part of our team, contact either one of us.

Griggs and Spears take doctor and medical professional recruiting wisdom to a whole new level, helping those of us who are interested in recruiting doctors:

* Craft a cold call the elusive doctors and medical professionals want to hear—with fewer cold calls.

* Increase doctor and medical professional engagement.

* Inspire doctors and medical professionals to join your business as a partner—with fewer appointments.

* Discover the conversation for this process.

* Close this segment of your market that no one else is closing without this information

This is a complete system including:

* The 7-step process to approaching doctors and medical professionals, setting the appointment, closing, and following up

* Scripts

Person-to-person office setting scripts (including gate-keeper/receptionist/front desk and doctors and medical professionals scripts)

Phone scripts

Message and voicemail scripts

Facebook scripts

* How to Follow Up with a Doctor

* Answers to questions and objections

* Letters to doctors and medical professionals

* Letter or email from doctors and medical professionals to patients “now carrying”

* Marketing assets available for you to print or order


Pricing and ROI (return on investment)

Flyers for doctors’ and medical professionals’ waiting areas or rooms

Doctors and medical professionals patient protocol

Patient questionnaire

Rx prescription slips


Meet the Doctors Invitation and Event

How to achieve All Star using our system

Home business tax savings

This system works for you, as a network marketer, in recruiting doctors and medical professionals and it works for the doctors and medical professionals in their world.

There is no reason you can’t follow this system. There is no reason that you can’t be 3 Star within a month (That’s only 12 doctors on each side, sponsored by your team—not you alone!).

Even if you add only one doctor/medical professional to your business on each leg using our system, you could have a leg bringing it up to $10,000 per month. Add more; make more.

After reading this book, you will be confident in your ability to work smarter. This book will show you how to attain a high-percentage of doctors and medical professionals as business partners, taking your game to the next level.

About Kris Spears

Kris Spears, ND ACN

Kris Spears has 14 years as a Naturopathic Doctor and 28 years in the advertising and marketing industry. Her mission is to empower every individual to take control of his/her health, wellness, & prosperity. Kris states, “My passion is helping people, whether it’s their business or their health.”

Kris’s background includes a Naturopathic Doctor Degree with professional training in the use of vitamins, herbs, nutritional supplements, and classical naturopathy along with Certification as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist blending the ever-evolving wisdom of wellness with leading edge scientific research. She is also a Karuna, Kundalini and Usui Reiki Master. After 14 years she no longer has a private practice but continues to consult with numerous chiropractors and a clinic.

Kris is also a Level 2 Certified Human Behavior Consultant in DISC Personality Style assessments. Helping other people to understand the results of their DISC Personality Style assessment, Facilitate/Teach/Lead DISC sessions in your company or with your clients. Her extensive training includes DISC applied to leadership at work, Conflict Resolution using DISC, DISC applied to time management, Family resources – DISC applied to family situations and Ministry resources – DISC applied to ministry.

Kris’s experience in the advertising profession includes 9 years at the helm of her full service marketing and advertising agency Spears & Associates, LLC. In 2005, after over 18 years working for Corporate America she opened a full service marketing and advertising agency where she brought 2 Harley Davidson dealerships of over 800 to the top 10 from near the bottom. She has won several Gold, Silver and Bronze awards called “Addys” for various clients for production, campaigns, and creative design including “Best of Show” in 2011.

Her greatest joy is in being happily married to her husband Gordon and Stepmother to his three tremendous children and grandmother to six grandkids and one great granddaughter. Following at a very close second to my family is the faith people put in her and her ability to help them achieve their best in health and prosperity.

In 2013, after complaining of neck pain from arthritis, Kris was gifted three FGXpress PowerStrips™ which resulted in her being pain free. About 6 months later Kris was introduced to Lisa Griggs. Their relationship began with Lisa teaching Kris how to talk to network marketers. The friendship blossomed and they found they had opposing talents to share with each other and a beautiful business, Progressive Sciences LLC, was born.

Price: $249.00 USD

First 12% Sample: epub mobi (Kindle) lrf


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